Turret Punching

The latest upgrade to G&Y Press & Die’s steel manufacture arsenal is the Finn-Power C5 Hydraulic Punch Press, imported from Finland. 

This computer controlled, automated solution in Turret Punching offers high accuracy output, and can be customised to suit short runs just as cost effectively as long runs. 

Both the high speed and accuracy of the Finn-Power C5 ensures increased production and flexibility, as well as being the most reliable and value adding turret punching machine on the market. And because modern technology ensures it’s simple for us to use, the reduced labour cost is passed on to you! 

Capabilities include: 

  •  33 Metric Tonnes hydraulic punching force
  •  Punching capacity up to 6mm sheet thickness
  •  Sheet sizes 1270 x 2500 in Auto Load and Unload Mode
  •  Sheet Sizes 1270 x 3000 in Manual load
  •  Fixed and index able tools up to 88.9 mm
  •  Up-forming capabilities
  •  Using Jet Cam Software for Nesting 

The innovative new standards set in hydraulic punching accuracy have been achieved through improvements made in coordinate design, numerical control and high speed adjustment algorithms.